Richard CB Johnsson My background:
> Ph.D. in Economics (Uppsala, Oxford & Sydney)
> Researcher at public / private institutes
> Wealth Management President & CEO
> Private Banking Executive
> Career in Europe and Asia-Pacific
> Trained in mainstream neo-classical economics
> Expert in Classical & Austrian economics
> Expert in non-mainstream investment ideas

A student of panarchy, peace and political tolerance that believes it's time for us to remember that laws used to follow persons, not territories, that our governments used to govern people, not territories, and that we used to be able to change government without changing territory. Without this brilliant idea, it is man against man in the fight for monopolist powers over others, and territorial governments against territorial governments in the fight for territory and more men. That is the sad state of politics and governments today.
Motto: 'Do ut des' - 'I give in order that you should give'

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"Champion of sound economics"
- Lew Rockwell, founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and editor of

"Excellent, indeed, more than excellent"
- Prof. George Reisman, student of Mises and author of 'Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics'
"The excellent Swedish economist Richard Johnsson explains why the argument against tariffs is an argument against taxes as well [...]. Short and powerful."
- Johan Norberg, historian and author of bestseller 'In Defense of Global Capitalism'